14 Filipina Dating Tips Every Man Should Know ❤️

14 Filipina Dating Tips Every Man Should Know.
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Dating Tip # 1. Pay Attention to Your Hygiene

Dating Tip #2. Consider Your Appearance. It Matters.

There are 7 things to keep. In mind when it comes to your appearance.

#1. Keep your dating blinkers off and look at your appearance:

#2. Your body – happy with it? If not why should she be?

#3. Your clothes – are they clean and suit the situation you find yourself in?

#4. Your habits – some you know you do, others are unconscious. Red flags all!!!

#5. Your interests – are you interesting to be with? Women date interesting men.

#6. Your ambitions – women like to date, ambitious men.

#7. Your independence – if she sees you can’t look after yourself you can’t look after her!

Get these first two tips right and you will be ahead of most of your dating rivals.

Filipina Dating Tip #3. Lose The Emotional Baggage.

Filipina Dating Tip #4. Work On Your Confidence

Dating Tip #5. Hone Your Conversation Skills.

Dating Tip #6. Establish Rapport.

Dating Tip #7. Read Her Body Language.

Dating Tip #8. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Filipina Dating Tip #9. Use a Reputable Filipina Dating Website:❤️

Filipina Dating Tip #10. Don’t Expect to Meet the Love of Your Life in a Bar at 2am in the morning.

Filipina Dating Tip #11. Use Common Sense When it Comes to Age Gaps.

Filipina Dating Tip #11. Don’t Be With a Golddigger.

Filipina Dating Tip #12. Don’t Be a Player Or a Cheat.

Filipina Dating Tip #13. Understand That a Good Filipina is Playing for Keeps.

Filipina Dating Tip #14. Take Action!

FACT: Filipinas are looking to meet acceptable, interesting and entertaining men

GOAL: Become acceptable, interesting and entertaining.

PLAN: Remove the things that make you unacceptable and make the most of things that make you interesting and entertaining.