3 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate in Online Dating

updated: 05-2021

About this video:

If you’re like most women on dating apps, you’re waiting for the man to make that very first move.

(Unless it’s on Bumble, where you as the woman has to make the first move, which coincidentally is one aspect I love about the Bumble as a platform.)

Perhaps you think men should just take the lead. Maybe you have this idea that women should always receive, perhaps it’s more feminine that way (that is not true at all).

Or perhaps you feel like it’s too risky making that first move… what if it shows too much interest upfront?

You’d never want to be chasing a man now, would you!?
So look, I can completely understand if you have any of these feelings.

…And at no point will I ever tell you to pursue a man. Initiating and pursuing are very different. It’s important to learn the distinctions between the two.

You can initiate all you want and still not be pursuing.

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