updated: 04-2021

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Agent Jonesy recalls the events of his first interview at the Imagined Order. He is interviewed by the mysterious person known as Dr. Sloan, who states that to work at the Imagined Order, John Jones must be willing to give everything to them. He reluctantly agrees and from here he learns the secrets of the Loop, the snapshots, the Zero Point. Back in the present time, Agent Jonesy is behind bars, and attempts to escape by tricking Lexa. Instead, Lexa reveals her strong hatred towards him, as she punches him and prepares to finish him, if it wasn’t for the Mandalorian who puts a stop to her. From here, the Mandalorian states that they’re going to need to work together if they all want to make it out of this alive. Meanwhile Vi and Chun-Li say their goodbyes to Drift and Lynx, finally going their separate ways. It is here that Raz is revealed to be spying on them, along with the thought to be dead, Kondor.

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