Anna Duggar wishes to her sex pest husband Josh a happy 32nd birthday

Anna Duggar led the tributes to her sex pest husband Josh on his 32nd birthday Tuesday, calling him her ‘best friend.’

Anna, 31, shared several photos and videos from the birthday celebration, which was held at Josh’s parents’ house in Arkansas.

The couple posed for pictures with their six children, while Jim Bob, Michelle, and several of Josh’s youngest siblings sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

The perfect husband! Anna Duggar led the tributes to her sex pest husband Josh on his 32nd birthday Tuesday

A real catch! She posed several photos from a family celebration at his parents’ house

All she knows: She called Josh her ‘best friend’ and uploaded photos and video

What a gem! The family account chimed in, too, calling him and his family a ‘treasure’

‘It’s not just #SuperTuesday it’s my best friend’s birthday! Happy 32nd Birthday Joshua!’ Anna wrote on March 3.

She led off with a photo of her and Josh posing in front of red, white, and blue balloons, along with gold Mylar balloons with the number ’32.’

With them were their six children: ten-year-old Mackynzie, eight-year-old Michael, six-year-old Marcus, four-year-old Meredith, two-year-old Mason, and three-month-old Maryella.

The two also cuddled up for a couple shot with an ice cream sundae.

The Duggars aren’t big on birthday cakes, and tend to favor ice cream for birthday celebrations and even weddings — and this occasion was no different, with one of Josh’s kids lighting candles in a giant tub of ice cream.

There was also a tray of toppings and brownies, along with a counter packed with presents for the oldest Duggar sibling.

Inviting all his friends! They had an ice cream party at Jim Bob and Michelle’s house that appears to be exclusively attended by children

The reconciliation baby: Anna held two-year-old Mason while the group sang to Josh

Set it on fire! The Duggars prefer ice cream over cake on birthdays and made sundaes

Where are the grown-ups? Josh celebrated with his wife, his six kids, his parents, and several of his youngest siblings

No one wants to celebrate Joshy? None of his adult siblings appeared to be there, though it seems that Jessa dropped off her kids, Spurgeon and Henry

Photos and video show several people there to celebrate, including Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle and several of their youngest kids, including ten-year-old Josie, 11-year-old Jordyn, and 12-year-old Jennifer.

It doesn’t appear that any of Josh’s adult siblings were there, though Jessa and Ben dropped off three-year-old Spurgeon and two-year-old Henry to join the party.

It’s unknown whether his adult siblings were all busy on his birthday, or if they chose not to celebrate their oldest brother.

Josh has caused quite a bit of upheaval for the family, starting with the occasions on which he molested four of his younger sisters when he was a teenager.

A police report details how at age 14, Josh admitted that he first fondled the breast of a family friend while she slept.

He later touched the breasts and vaginal area of his five-year-old sister while reading to her, put a finger under the dress of another younger sister, and touched two other sisters while they slept.

Big time: Josh and Anna have six children: ten-year-old Mackynzie, eight-year-old Michael, six-year-old Marcus, four-year-old Meredith, two-year-old Mason, and three-month-old Maryella

Like it never happened! Despite his myriad scandals, he has been welcome back into the fold, and recently went on a ‘double date’ with his wife and parents

Family values! Josh resigned from his position at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. after admitting to molesting his younger sisters and cheating on his wife

Both Jill and Jessa came forward as two of his victims in 2015, after inTouch unearthed the police report documenting the abuse.

But Josh’s history of touching his sisters wasn’t the only family dirty laundry aired that year: When the adultery website ashley madison was hacked, Josh was found to have had accounts, and he later admitted to being unfaithful and having a porn addiction.

Josh’s wife Anna, however, has steadfastly stuck by him, even as rumors swirled once again in November that his car dealership had been raided by Homeland Security.

Her birthday wishes to him on Tuesday were echoed by a comment from his sister Jana, 30, who wrote ‘Happy Birthday Josh!!’ on the post.

The shared account for Joe and Kendra also commented, and the official Duggar family Instagram also posted in his honor.

‘Your entire little family is a treasure to us! We pray that this year is your best year ever!’ reads the caption.

Say it loud, say it proud! Anna also wished her husband a happy birthday last year as they celebrated at his parents’ house

What a prize! Josh showed off his gifts, including berries, kiwi, and pistachios

Who’s she trying to convince? Anna shared effusive praise for her husband last year, listing all the reasons she loves him

Anna has shared loving Instagram posts for her husband’s last three birthdays. Last year, her praise was especially effusive.

‘Happy 31st Birthday Joshua! I love you SO much and I’m blessed to be by your side for the past 10 years,’ she wrote at the time. ‘There are so many things that I LOVE about you, here are just a few of my favorites…’

She went on to list them starting with ‘Your gratitude for redemption through JESUS and striving to please HIM above all!’

She also named ‘your love for FAMILY!’ ‘good sense of HUMOR!’ ‘having BIBLEtime with our family,’ and ‘your ability to enjoy a hard day’s WORK and come home with a SMILE.’ 

‘You take the time and energy to be a super fun DAD – playing football, basketball, capture the flag, tea party, etc!’ she went on.

Flashback: They also celebrated his 30th birthday with a party, which marked his return to the public eye following the 2015 scandals 

For he’s a… jolly good fellow? In a video from the occasion, the whole family is gathered around to sing to the disgraced husband

Swappin’ spit! After Josh blew out the candles, he and Anna shared a kiss

Wiped the slate clean: The Duggars are big on preaching forgiveness 

She also said she loves him for being ‘my handyman that can FIX (almost) anything!’ ‘working “behind the scenes” daily to HELP others accomplish their goals and dreams,’ and ‘PRAYing with me each night!’

‘Joshua, YOU are a TREASURE and I look forward to growing old — TOGETHER!’ she concluded.

The year before, in 2018, she wrote: ‘Happy Birthday Josh! I’m so thankful for the 30 years of life God has given you — I love you!’

She also posted a video of a red-faced Josh stands in the kitchen, holding one child while another sat on the counter next to his cake. 

The video also shows that most of the family turned up for the celebration — including Josh’s younger sister Jessa.


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