Answering Sex, Dating and Relationship Questions *i overshared*

⚠️ This video is not suited for Moms, Dads and Brothers ⚠️ I candidly answer your questions on relationships, dating and sex. When should you have sex? Favorite position? What’s something men should take into consideration during sex? Hookup culture? Commitment issues? Can LDR work? Lesbian porn?

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00:00 Welcome!
00:50 Love Language
00:57 How Many Boyfriends?
1:13 Next Relationship?
2:09 Thoughts on Open Relationships
2:29 Do You Hookup?
3:12 When Your Ex Reaches Out
3:17 Right Person, Wrong Time?
3:30 FWB Before Relationship
3:46 Committing Too Fast?
5:15 Birth Control
5:55 Top 3 Red Flags
7:14 When To Breakup
8:11 Being The Only Single One
9:04 Is He a F*ckboy or Committed?
9:27 Girls Who Initiate
9:33 Soulmates?
9:45 When to Have Sex
10:58 We Didn’t Have Closure
11:20 My Partner is a Workaholic
12:36 Keeping Distance When Dating
13:01 My Ex Reached Out
13:21 What Makes LDRs Work?
14:53 Fear of Abandonment
15:25 Lesbian Porn
15:44 Situationships
16:42 Sex Tips for Men
17:46 Favorite Position
18:13 Forgiving a Cheater
18:50 The Bumble Guy

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