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Men who have the confidence to talk to girls immediately set themselves apart from other men.

And although talking to girls is often a nerve-wracking experience, the rewards for having the courage to toss rejection aside and go after what you want inspires admiration and attraction in equal measure.

Of course, most men prefer to take the safe approach, opting to get to know a girl first before they try to talk to her. As a man, however, it’s always better to state your intentions without fear of reprisal.

Yes, you can become friends with a woman, then try to seduce her later on. Although this often leads to a loss of attraction, as failure to take action and talk to women with boldness usually results in metaphoric castration.

But these are sensitive times you tell yourself. What if she rejects me, or worse, doesn’t talk to me?

A woman will never hold it against you for making your intentions clear and expressing interest. If you have the courage to talk to a girl, she will respect that.

Approach a woman with boldness and it’s unlikely she’ll ever forget you. On the other hand, the man who waits for women to talk to him in an almost catatonic, subdued state inspires neither interest nor attraction.

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