Break Up & Dating Tips | Dating Now – Part 3 | Animated Story Time | fortheloveofLance

Not everyone is great at #breakups. Or dating again for that matter. Things get awkward. You say do or say things you wouldn’t expect. Everyone could use some guidelines. I’m not the master of dating, but I’ve picked up on a few things over my breakups, and I decided to share them with you guys!

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About Me
I’m Lance and I’m a hopeless romantic! But love and relationships are never as simple as you want them to be. There’s a lot of awkwardness and pain you have to go through while braving the dating scene: break ups, jealousy, meeting parents, first times, nude etiquette (yes, this is the world we live in). There’s just SO. MUCH. I’m exploring all the things that make love great and all the things that make you want to tell your family you’ve become a hermit and have decided to adopt 32 cats. All in glorious animation because I don’t have the energy to get all of those cats to sit still in front of a camera.

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