BTSZD Banban Interview: Story of an Ahgase Queen (AhgaQueen) Dancer | Little Cassie

updated: 05-2021

Baby Ahgase Wesley here! As we promised, I interviewed BTSZD dancer Banban! It was such an honor to interview one of the best KPOP dancers in China. BTSZD is also one of the best KPOP dance groups in China. They’ve won StageK BOA stage in Korea and also the most winning 1TheK dance group! If you have watched our GOT7 “Last Piece” Fan MV Cover, you know Banban and BTSZD both appeared in this big project. Banban helped us coordinate the ending group dance. We became friends since then. In this video, Banban will answer questions from international fans first – expect some SHOUT OUT! Then I also have a few questions for her. Oh man, I am so excited and cannot wait to meet her in person🥰💚

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
0:00 Preview
0:20 Intro
0:26 1 Year Anniversary Special Title
0:32 Greetings
0:51 Intro of BTSZD Dancer Banban
2:05 Greetings with Banban
2:53 BTSZD Banban Interview – Questions from International Fans
Shout out to Ranita_rosa, zd_dabest, Fane孙子团斑斑, Sehrish_AhgaseForever, itslala, @ThePrince7711 , JAY B’s Best Friend, and ahga bom
8:28 BTSZD Banban Interview – Questions from Little Cassie
11:30 Thank You Banban
12:15 Bloopers
12:31 Outro

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