BYU Freshman Tips – Friends, Dating, Campus

Provo Culture with Kwaku El (from Saints Unscripted):

LDS Dating Tips:

01:31 – FRIENDS
02:25 – Coming to college with friends from high school
03:09 – Where to meet friends?
11:01 – Not fitting in
11:37 – Join clubs!

12:08 – DATING
12:11 – Date casually
12:53 – Move on from your high school relationship
13:13 – Date for fun, not just to find your future spouse
14:36 – Don’t compare yourself with others

15:45 – Freshman 15
16:32 – Fashion/What to wear to school
18:09 – Grades in college
19:47 – Study habits
19:59 – SLEEP
20:25 – Feeling homesick

21:18 – CLASSES
21:22 – Take easier classes your freshman year
21:39 – How many credits to take
21:53 – Dropping classes
22:10 – Fun classes
22:34 – How to find good professors
23:18 – “Weeder” classes
23:40 – How to get your textbooks cheap

23:58 – CAMPUS
24:02 – Wear comfortable shoes
24:13 – Getting lost
24:21 – Bringing a car
24:36 – The Wilkinson Student Center
24:58 – Where to eat

Hey everyone! In this video my husband Eric and I give some tips for incoming freshman at Brigham Young University! We both currently attend BYU so we give some tips about how to make friends, dating, the campus, classes, how to take care of yourself as a college freshman and more! There is so much more we can cover about this topic, so please let me know if you are interested in seeing a Part 2!

Are you starting at BYU or a different college this year? If so, where are you attending and what will you be majoring in? If you are an upperclassman or alumni, what’s some advice you would give to an incoming freshman?

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