Dating-App: Tinder, meine Lügen und ich

© Kniel Synnatzschke/​plainpicture Z Exklusiv für Abonnenten Im Leben ist er ein feiner Kerl, ehrlich, zuvorkommend, korrekt. Aber beim Onlinedating wird er, wie er selbst sagt, zum Arsch: Ein Mann erkennt sich nicht wieder. Von Adrian Laubmayer Zwar sind mehr als 60 Prozent aller Alleinstehenden zufrieden mit ihrem Leben, jedoch nur zehn Prozent davon sind überzeugte … Read more

چگونگی آشنایی با برنامه ها ، جوانان مانند گریس میلان را در معرض خطر قرار می دهد

Translating… With more than seven million users in Britain and tens of millions more across the world, Tinder has become the go-to place for a generation of digitally-savvy singletons looking for love.  But there are concerns that the app is failing to protect the safety of users by requiring almost no checks before allowing people … Read more

Sex Workers Are at the Forefront of the Fight Against Mass Surveillance and Big Tech

The normalization of facial recognition technology and mass surveillance being used to target marginalized communities, whether in the hopes of “saving them” or not, is dangerous. David McNew/Getty Images Last week, sex workers, researchers, journalists, law students and allies met in a lecture room of Austin Hall at Harvard University for Hacking//Hustling @ Harvard. They … Read more

Hitched: آنچه دلم برای مجرد بودن – و آنچه نمی دانم – هستم

Translating… People just love to get engaged at Christmastime. I imagine this is a result of a combination of factors, from feeling more family-oriented than usual (although the holidays have the opposite effect on many of us) to the celebratory atmosphere at large and increased presence of shiny objects generally. I spent Christmas Eve “liking” … Read more (MTCH) ، WW (WW) پست Q3 Earnings

Translating… Two subscription-based companies have put forth Q3 earnings after Tuesday’s closing bell, with mostly better-than-expected results for both companies. They also saw subscriber growth increase year over year, always a good sign for such business models. WW International (WW), formerly known as Weight Watchers, beat on its Q3 bottom line by a penny to … Read more

Josh Homme on the Power of Desert Sessions and Waiting for Them Crooked Vultures

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme led his first “Desert Session” in 1997, a year after he left stoner-metal firebrands Kyuss, when he invited members of Monster Magnet and Soundgarden, among others, together for an improvisational jam in Joshua Tree, California. After that, he regularly organized different groups of musicians to record whatever … Read more