Online Dating Red Flags from The Betches | Cosmopolitan

The Betches, Jordana and Aleen, (aka those geniuses behind the Instagram account @betches) discuss things you should 100% avoid when online dating. After you watch, be sure to buy their new book, “I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies…” from anywhere books are sold. SUBSCRIBE to Cosmopolitan: Cosmopolitan is the best-selling young women’s magazine…

Online Dating? Never Do This! – If you’re doing online dating, this is one thing that you do NOT want to do (no matter who else is doing it). You want to be building a foundation based on trust and honesty, I’m assuming…and lying – about anything – is not supportive of that, at all.

Why Your Online Dating Profile Attracts the WRONG Men

Learn the 3 reasons why your online dating profile needs improvement. To join the Discover Love Online webinar, visit m

Online Dating | Gabriel Iglesias (Reaction)

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Scary Internet Dating Sites! MAKE-BELIEVERS promo

Millionaire Dating / Sugar Daddy sites swarm the web and become a proving ground for scam artists. Visit more scams we uncover at our film’s site- In the film “The Make-Believers”, we show these sites make it very easy for any man (and in one true case, a homeless man) to pretend he is…

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