[CGS] Amime-zon A-Lexa Video

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Im back with another Fortnite video just for Lexa, that’s all I could say.
And also, shoutout to every V-Tuber and Hololive for making me use sound effects of Lexa.

Song Credits:
Gracie Films theme (NSMB rip)
OATC Chase theme
OATC Chase theme remix
Troll song 1
OATC Trumpet theme
Madagascar DS Level Complete
Fortnite – Threatened (IO Guards theme)
Pokemon DPPT – Floaroma Town /Flower Paradise (Day)
Poki and Primo Moves mix – Created by me πŸ™‚
The Lion King – In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle
Manuel – Gas Gas Gas
Fortnite – Headbanger
Dame Da Ne (Baka Mitai) but it’s sung by a loli
Undertale – Dating Tense
Vivo phone – Fine Day alarm
Undertale – Dating Fight
Super Mario Bros. Game Over