Changes in biodiversity from 3000 BC up to the year 2050

ZEF online colloquium
October 22, 2020

Ben ten Brink will take you on a journey on the changes in biodiversity from 3000 BC up to the year 2050, from global to local, and from crisis to challenge. He will elaborate on the 4 key policy questions: What is happening? Why is it happening? Why is it important? and What can we do about it? We might discuss the relationship with climate mitigation, economic growth, or rebound effects.

Ben ten Brink worked at the PBL-Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and its predecessors since 1991 up to 1 September 2020. His focus was in the fields of indicators of biodiversity, modelling, scenarios and assessments, economic development, land degradation and restoration. He worked in collaboration with or assigned by national and international governments and bodies, in particular the Dutch government, the European Environmental Agency, OECD, GEF, UNEP, CBD, UNCCD and IPBES.