Church of Christ evangelism (Evangelism series) The number 1 reason the church of Christ is dying in 2022

updated: 05-2022

Church of Christ evangelism (Gospel Meeting Evangelism Sermon series) The number 1 reason why the church of Christ is dying in America…

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Description: We lose churches every year in the church of Christ. This gospel meeting sermon addresses the issues of church decline, from the point of our past last 70 years and where we are to date in church culture in matters of apathy and evangelism outreach.

This evangelism sermon will also detail where we will probably be in the next 50-70 years at the rate the churches of Christ are dying out and declining in the United States of America.

This church sermon will be a very sober sermon. But with the statics I’ll give of the church decline, I’ll also give solutions that can save a church from dying. And if enough people work for change, can stim the tide of kingdom degradation in the churches of Christ.

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– This evangelism sermon series was preached at the Spring woods church of Christ in Houston Texas.

A special thank you to the preacher, Timothy Sparks, brother E.Joe Johnson, and brother Ken Kalies for getting this evangelism gospel meeting event together.

And to their evangelistically minded congregation, for their zeal for the lost and their interest in the meetings, (they even attending the week before Coronavirus church shut down started).

The interest was an encouragement to me. So few seem interested in the topic of evangelism nowadays…in the churches of Christ. The Spring woods church family treated me like family and were such a treat to meet.

The members were hospitable, loving, and strongly concerned about what God teaches on evangelism. These people are an amazing group to meet and know.

Brother Timothy Sparks has a powerful method I’ll share here called “Temple Evangelism,” to learn more click on this link

Note: the brethren did an excellent job in recording the gospel meeting sermon series in audio file format.

I have turned the audio files into evangelism PowerPoint sermon videos, to better convey (visually) what was taught in the gospel meeting.


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