Clarke/Lexa/Costia || Light

Inspiration for this video came from the amazing Thata aka. Scodders. I love her videos so much and this new Clexa + Costia video was amazing. So many of the made up scenes are from her.

About the video, Yes I think Crystal works as Costia so freaking well. Also because she’s acting on gotham now, you’ll get many scenes with her face if you want to. And and and I had some sort of a story for this but now that I look at it and cut it short because I lost my inspiration for this. I don’t know what to tell you about it. You can make your own story in your head if you wish. 😀 Or then I can maybe try and do some sort of a story on the db later if I come up with a good one. But yeah Costia died and Clexa lives so… That’s the story for starters LOL.

Date: 11/27/2017
Software: SVP
Editor: TwerkLikeJensen
Coloring: Jula Misiak
Fandom: Ask

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