Clarke & Lexa || Dusk till dawn [AU] in 2022

updated: 05-2022

Because this was blocked worldwide I had to delete the song. So the video with the song is on vimeo and here’s a link for that.

I have no words for this okay.. Just like I don’t for almost any of my videos. I had to vid my babies again, I miss them so much! Oh well, few words about this song. I didn’t want to listen to it at all when it came out, like AT ALL, I hated the name of it because there’s a series called like that and I hated the cover photo of the song on spotify and I just thought like omg new 1D song, Idc. Well, then I was forced to listen to the radio while I was in traffic and I went like O-M-G WHAT THE F IS THIS SONG WHY IS IT SO BEAUTIFUL OMG WHAT. And then I realized it was this song and now here I am, after a day. Done with a Clexa video. Hahah, what can I say? This song inspired me to do some Clexa au shit.

Story: Clarke left Lexa for few years to go with another girl, she apologizes to Lexa about that but Lexa doesn’t care. She’s too jealous. Lexa’s mad at Clarke and thinks about wanting to strangle Clarke. (that’s what the strangle scene is about) She soon want’s to know everything about this new girl of Clarke’s and keeps asking Clarke questions that Clarke doesn’t want to answer to because she feels so much quilt. Soon enough they make up and Lexa tells Clarke she was afraid that she wouldn’t come back. But is happy that she did.

Idk, if you don’t understand the story, just hit me up and I’ll try to come up with something brilliant.

Date: 10/16/2017
Software: SVP
Editor: TwerkLikeJensen
Coloring: GoldxNoir
Fandom: end of the video
Song: Zayn feat. Sia-Dusk Till Dawn

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