Clarke & Lexa || Hold me [AU]

This is my FIRST EVER AU video.. ._. Tbh, I only kind of like the begining of the video, it looks more realistic.. But then well idk, lost inspiration..

The story;
Clarke and Lexa used to be together. But then Clarke left, she was gone for a year or so. Then she messages Lexa with a not so nice video. The reason for that was because Clarke had found out Lexa was together with a guy. Clarke didn’t like that and got depressed, and mentally ill, she got sent into a mental hospital. She tries to escape but couldn’t. She kept saying to herself that Lexa doesn’t love her anymore, etc. Even tho she did.. A lot. Clarke went insane and in the end she couldn’t find better way to not let Lexa love anyone else than her so…

Date: 02/23/2017
Software: SVP
Editor: TwerkLikeJensen
Coloring: Jane’sxwonderland
Fandom: The 100, FTWD, Friend Request
Pairing: Clarke Griffin , Commander Lexa

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