Clarke & Lexa || Pillowtalk [For Denisa]

In few days, I think that maybe in like 3 days or so.. It will be a fucking year since I started talking with you hun.. I can’t remember the date right but I checked comments on my old videos etc. and days between 20.02-25.02 we talked on youtube for a bit. Then I asked your skype and you gave it to me and we talked for HOURS the first days. It was insane!! xD I never wanted to go sleep or leave skype at all because we were having so much fun talking. Then we added each other on snapchat and I STILL remember when you send me the first snaps of yourself and I was so amazed how beautiful,funny,silly,and amazing you were! That was the time when you were thirsty af and wanted to go get water but it was so dark on the kitchen but yet still ya went and got the water! Then we talked about trading walls and I was SOO jealous of your wall and now even more because CLEXA AF!! Then we came up with the “kick it off” song of the “shake it off” song from Taylor Swift.. Or maybe it was because both of us watched the Supernatural parody by The HillywoodShow. 😀 OH OH and then after that we laughed so much and came up with “Pillowlaugh” xD I I remember laughing sooooo hard and then ya came up with LTTA and I laughed a little more.. ;D This song became our jam and everytime it’s on the radio, instead of singing PILLOWTALK, I always sing PILLOWLAUGH! xD

From that day we started talking so much and you helped me when I was stressed and anxious and depressed. Everytime you were there and you ALWAYS helped me. I remember at my work place I went into the fridge or something so I could take my phone and talk to you. Once got caught but it was worth it! Always at work when I got anxiety attack, just talking with you helped me sooo much! And after all the struggle I’ve had and caused you, you’re still there. The same loving Denisa as you were from the first day ‘we met’… Still, sometimes when I get anxiety attack or panic attack just talking with you ALWAYS helps me through it. Or if not through it, atleast helps that much so I wont do anything stupid.

I love you, and I know you know it. But it’s just that I love you.. I want to thank you, for saving my life. For making me think more about myself than others. For making me a better person and learning to think positive even when it was the hardest time of my life. All the problems with that one guy, all the tears I let out because of him, all the pain he made me go through… Even tho how much he hurted me and I still thought I loved him.. I know you wanted to punch him so bad and make him suffer but STILL you told me all the sweet things.. “It’s going to turn okay, he is just having a hard time” all the things that were not your real opinion but you knew that would make me feel better, you said them.. You don’t even get it how thankful I am to you. It’s really hard writing this with these freaking blurry eyes. See, again cryyying! I don’t think I even have the right words to describe how much I love you and how important you are to me. Denisa…Please don’t ever leave..

Date: 02/21/2017
Software: SVP
Editor: TwerkLikeJensen
Coloring: midnightminho
Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Clarke Griffin , Commander Lexa
Dedication: LiFaAn A