Scare Cam Show #25 – Clever Ways to Scare

The funniest online videos show, Funniest Frights Show is presented by our host Sam

We are an online show in which we upload the latest content in humor, all this content is presented, commented and explained by the host on duty, we hope you appreciate our work.

Best funny videos, scare cams, pranks and the funniest reactionn.. all presented by Sam!!

🔹0:02 Introduction – Segment 01: Clever Ways to Scare
🔹02:47 Segment 02: Requests from Comments
Request 01 | Dropping their phones 3:13 – 4:00
Request 02 | Saying casual things 4:01 – 5:19
Request 03 | Just by touching 5:20 – 5:58
🔹05:59 Segment 03: “Samu Part 02” as “queenbeast88”
🔹09:10 Segment 04: Favorites
🔹11:45 GB!

Puro Fail is a program based on jokes, scary cameras and funny videos.
You will find the funniest videos online on this channel.

How we differentiate:
✅ Short clips about similar objects that are edited in a single video, in which the relationship between them is explained
✅ Host comments, narration and jokes.
✅ Audio editing with VOICE.

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