Coronavirus Conversations: Safe(r) Sex – Dating, Relationships, and Intimacy During the Pandemic

Even amid social distancing, people continue to seek out new relationships. But romantic relationships are inherently in-person activities, raising many questions about what dating and sex can or should look like during the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the ethical and health risks to dating now, how are virtual options standing in, and how are people balancing the potential risks with the mental and emotional health benefits of being in a relationship?

Join Duke Science & Society and our panel of experts as they discuss the science behind risk assessment, the changing trends in dating, and the ethics of dating while under a pandemic—and their recommendations for how to safely seek out relationships over the near future.

Dr. Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D.: Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, Temple University

Dr. Catalina Toma, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Communication Science, UW-Madison

Lindsey Parker, M.P.H.: Student Development Coordinator, DuWell, Duke University