Crochet Joggers with Pockets | Tutorials DIY in 2022

updated: 05-2022

9:23 I show that I skipped a loop, but don’t. That was me testing out the pattern. Put one HDC into every loop. ❤️

IT HAAAAAAS POCKETS! A pair of highly requested crochet sweats/joggers and I threw my own spin on by adding pockets big enough to fit your phone and a little cool color for flair. This makes me so happy you guys have no idea! Comfy, stylish and functional!? What more can we ask for other than more yarn? Not much.
Let me know how you’d style these in the comments below!

Tools Used:
Hook Link:
Baby Bernat Sport (Ecru) – scrap yarn:
Baby Bernat Sport (Taupe) – half a skein:
Baby Bernat Sport (Baby Blue) – scrap yarn:

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