Dating A Man (Being In Feminine Energy)–John Gray in 2022

updated: 08-2022

Dr. John Gray, author of MarsVenus fame and author of Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus tells single women over 40, 50, 60 or above how to date successfully to meet and attract the right man. He shares how attraction between a man and a woman can be dependent upon masculine and feminine energy in dating and in a relationship if you want to keep the chemistry hot. If you want to have a loving, committed, passionate partnership or marriage then understanding what brings a man and woman together, increases attraction and creates passion is essential.

John Gray of Mars/Venus fame helps single women date, relate and communicate with men. How to understand men and bring out the best in a man with Dr. John Gray! John Gray Shares How A Woman Can Bring Out The Best In A Man! Secrets About Men Every Woman Needs To Know (For Women Dating Over 40, Dating Over 50, Dating Over 60) John Gray of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Fame helps single women understand men, bring out the best in a man and have intimacy with a man.

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