Dating after sexual trauma or abuse | How men feel about your experience

updated: 06-2021

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I speak to a lot of women who have been through varying levels of sexual trauma. Ptsd isn’t a condition exclusive to military veterans.
Any traumatic stress or event can affect a person for a lifetime. Sexual trauma is no different. The overwhelming majority of women who been through sexual trauma have some level of PTSD. That trauma can continue to manifest itself in that person’s behavior for a lifetime if it goes unchecked. It can take many years of active intentful healing to curb some of the effects of traumatic experiences. Ptsd symptoms and coping mechanisms in women can include emotional numbing, guilt or shame, hypervigilance, avoidance, withdraw, promiscuity, depression, and anxiety amongst many others things. This video isn’t about the symptoms of PTSD though. It’s about how women who have experienced negative sexual events can better relate to their partners or potential partners.

Women who have suffered from some form of sexual trauma often write to me about how to better relay that information to men they date. If and when they should share those details.

In My very unprofessional opinion; tell a man when your ready as long as you’re not holding him responsible for knowledge about yourself that you haven’t given or divulged. If your PTSD is easily triggered it’s best to at least tell him which behaviors to avoid and that you’ll explain later. That’s assuming you’re aware of your condition and it’s behavioral manifestations. If you’ve been through sexual trauma And you haven’t already, Seek help. Learn about how its affected you. It’s all too easy to hurt your relationships exhibiting negative behaviors not understanding where they come from or how they are triggered. How can a man relate or correctly navigate your pain points if you don’t even understand them? Please seek help.

How men to relate to women who have experienced sexual trauma has a lot to do with the symptoms of PTSD she may exhibit. A man in his nature may do very well responding to one of your symptoms of PTSD from sexual trauma while being completely ill-equipped to handle other manifestations in your behavior. Without the knowledge wisdom and understanding about your particular way of coping a man can easily misstep or trigger emotions in you related to your trauma.