Dating Coach Reacts To Ben Shapiro Advice

In this video, we’re going to review and react to Ben Shapiro’s dating advice.
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Here are some pointers in the video which I agree with and disagree with on Ben Shapiros’s Dating Advice.
1. Never try to get into a romantic relationship by being friends with a girl first. If you’re a high-value guy, if you respect your time, if you respect yourself, don’t waste your time. Express you like her and allow her as an adult to choose.

2. I don’t think you can have a platonic relationship with a woman unless it’s only like in the work context like when you guys spend time together it’s in that specific context. But if you’re talking about friends where you hang out outside of that just you two alone even if you’re both married, that’s not okay.

3. In reference to having marriage on the, mind it’s a yes. But you don’t need to think about marriage.
You can just walk into a relationship and have the mindset that you are going to assess this person long term.

4. Many couples want to stay in the relationship because they’re afraid of being alone, afraid of
never finding another girl just as good as her. It’s sad but it’s definitely a problem of our times.

5. The only reason a girl wants to keep you in her life is that she’s somehow getting something from a relationship. But if you have different needs from a girl and she’s not willing to meet those specific needs, that’s a barrier and it’s going to cause consistent conflict between you two.

6. Reading between Ben Shapiro lines he doesn’t recognize probably from a lack of experience that women can have sex with a guy just for fun and enjoy it and have no emotional repercussions behind it. They can feel completely okay, it doesn’t affect their self-esteem they, don’t feel hurt by it.

7. Women will not go home with a guy if they’re simply asked to have sex because women have certain barriers that you need to go through in order to have sex with the guy. They cannot invest in a random guy if he’s not going to stick around. Women need to basically know that a guy’s going to have these long term kind of context or high-value status behaviors in order for them to go home with them.

8. Women have two mating contacts- a short term and a long-term. Women have a short-term mating context where they will only sleep with a guy.

9. Using morals into this factual argument of sexual behavior shows that women will hook up with the guy in a short-term context and have no lower self-esteem, no emotional distraught, and no consequences.








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