Dating Tips For Shy Guys | Overcome Shyness Around Women With 7 Simple Strategies!

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If you’re shy or awkward around girls and you want to meet girls, date girls and maybe get a girlfriend you’re truly into it can be hard to get started.

In this world of extroverts and overconfident guys it can seem difficult to know exactly what you can do to compete and meet the kind of women you’re actually attracted to.

After all, approaching women seems like a high risk strategy that can lead to rejection and public embarrassment.

So what do you do?

In this video you’ll discover 7 key strategies that I would get any coaching client to put in place before we even start any serious work.

These are the seven most important basics that have helped me change from shy to confident in my life and they work reliably if you stick with them for a while.

So go on…have a go. write them down for yourself, stick them on a post it note and remind yourself of them everyday so you can see the benefits yourself!

Questions? post them in the comments!

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