Dean & Cas Pillowtalk {HBD Marie}

I’m so sorry. I totally forgot about your birthday and this morning I saw videos all over youtube like “HBD MARIE” And told to myself.. “Oh shit.” Well, I rushed this video so I could upload it today! I had a lot of problems with the song, first I got a copyright and then I had to pitch the song and once it show that the lyrics/scenes/text goes at the same time, and then not. And again did, and then not. :/

I’m so sorry about this rushed video, Ik if I had more time and knew how to figure out this problem with the song, It might of been a nicer outcome! I have no time to render it again so I am sorryyyy!

Anyways, HBD and I would say “I hope it’s a great one” But the day is on the end so I can’t really say that.. :’D Well, I hope it was awesome! You’re one year older again my Mishamigo! :3

Software: SVP
Date: 03/17/2016
Editor: TwerkLikeJensen
Coloring: Char
Fandom: SPN
Dedication: Birthday girl!