Dr. Fons Rademaker, Smashing Atoms and Processing Massive Results at CERN, Samsung Forum

CERN, the home of Large Hadron Collider, is actively managing 700PB of data, has designed the data analytics platform for it, and is working on the next generation system that will produce 50x more data every year than the existing system, in support of the next Nobel Prize in Physics! During this talk, Dr. Rademakers describes the CERN LHC experiments and the data processing and analysis challenges they face. The currently 700PB of experimental data is one of the largest big data haystacks that may contain only a few needles. The most advanced statistical analysis techniques are used in the search.

Dr. Fons Rademakers is the Chief Research Officer of CERN openlab in Geneva, Switzerland. Fons received his Ph.D. in particle physics from the Univ. of Amsterdam in 1991. Since then he has worked at CERN and been involved in designing and developing data analysis programs such as ROOT, which was the main statistical tool used for the discovery of the Higgs boson. Fons leads efforts for openlab R&D projects that emphasize knowledge sharing, IOT and smart technologies, and new applications for other scientific fields.