Drake’s Weird Life: Episode 9: Jeff’s Dating Advice

Drake got rejected by Tiffinie again and Drakihea is repairing for her date with Joshua. Jeff helps the twins with dating advice to give Drake another shot at Tiffinie while helping Drakihea learn how to date… I wonder how that goes! (2021)

Justin Williams (Creator, Voicer, Music Creator)

Credits/ Memes/ Things we don’t own:

6:13- I like turtles

6:15- Stick bugged Lol-

6:51/ 7:22/ 12:10/ 12:56- Soundtrack from Mario Bros: Arcade Game (1983)

7:10- Soundtrack from Fairy Tail-

11:57- Shatup!- Spongebob Squarepants (Season 3, Episode 4a [Krab-Borg])

11:58- Oof!- Roblox death sound


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