Episode 10: Everyone can change in 2022

updated: 05-2022

with Martina Javurkova, burnout-survivor, blogger, and winemaker. inspire me!

After hectic years in big cities, hours spent in chains of conf-calls in air-conditioned meeting rooms, commuting through traffic jams and queuing in supermarkets to get her food, Martina and her husband moved to the vineyard house in a small city, and started to grow some of their own food and make natural wine.
In the talk, she shares her thoughts on what leads to burnout and how to avoid it. How to heal when it happens? What does it take to change one’s life and find the peace within oneself?
Martina is writing a successful blog “spozaplota.sk”, where she shares her experience, stories and, of course, recipes. As a blogger she is networking within regional wine-makers circles and builds a community of like minded people both online and offline. Apart from blogging, Martina is running her small company Dimensions Consulting Services s.r.o, where she is working as a mentor, lecturer and business consultant.