Fortnite Cyber Infiltration Pack Gameplay! Let’s do the Poki Emote with Lexa! in 2021

updated: 05-2021

When I saw the Fortnite Cyber Infiltration bundle on the item shop (also otherwise known as the Anime Legends skins), I just knew I had to buy it immediately and do a gameplay video! I also had to get the Poki emote, just because I don’t want to regret not getting it later. I decided to play a few matches with my friends so we can try to get more Victory Royales during Season 6!

There’s a lot of goofy, funny moments in this Let’s Play, such as Chigusa going on a “date” with Lexa, fighting popular Fortnite skins with anime characters, and just overall just messing around with friends. I may not be good, but even I can still pull a Victory Royale!