Hezekiah Walker on Sex and Dating in 2021

updated: 05-2021

http://www.kimontheweb.com Bishop Hezekiah Walker talks with National Bestselling Author, Kim Brooks, about his take on How To Date and Stay Saved

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* I am worthy and valuable, not because of my marital status but because God made me so.
* I am celibate until marriage as my reasonable service unto the Lord, and in the mean time I remain focused and use sexual energy toward purpose pursuit and service.
* I can do all things through Christ and there is nothing too hard for the Lord. There is no time limit or expiration date on my receiving all the promises that He promised me.
* Marriage is an option that is welcome for someone who recognizes my worth and value and respects my decision to wait as he, is waiting to receive his good thing and added favor from the Lord.
* Marriage is not a destination as the source of my happiness – the source of my happiness comes from within, comes from God and a worthy candidate for marriage will only add to the peace, joy and contentment that I already have within me and together we will do more for the kingdom of God, more to serve humanity and more to serve one another.
* It is better to stay single, whole and complete, than be in a relationship that causes me to compromise or settle as it pertains to morals, values and beliefs. Settling is not an option.
* I will not give in to outside pressures, societal expectations or a number on a calendar to determine when and who I should marry. My decision to marry will be based on peace within that God approves the person and will approve the union. I will marry once I am 100% sure and have peace that this is the man whom God has for me and there will be no confusion or second guessing.
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