How Long Should You Wait To Sleep With A Guy?

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It’s one of the most frequently discussed topics in dating. How long should you make him wait for sex? When should you sleep with him?

First date? Fifth date? Tenth date? Everyone seems to have a different answer with different reasons to answer the question of “When should you sleep with him”

Today I’m going to give you answer that you probably haven’t heard from any other dating coach. The best part? It’s answers the question of “When should you sleep with a guy” with an answer that applies to every dating situation, in a way you’ve probably never thought about it before.

This answer will literally change the way you think about this question. Never again will you wonder when you should sleep with a guy. You’ll have a universal answer to apply to each and every situation.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments… Don’t forget to comment, I want to hear from you guys!

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