How Much Should You Tip in Ukraine? | Kyiv Dating Tips

Men traveling to Ukraine for the purposes of dating Ukrainian women often have questions about tipping service providers in restaurants, hotels, and when utilizing transportation services around Kyiv.

Even in Kyiv nightlife, men often believe they must tip bartenders or cocktail waitresses while attending the many night clubs or restaurants that are quite popular in the nightlife of Kyiv.

Olga, an experienced matchmaker from Kyiv, explains when men should expect to be tipping service providers while dating women in Ukraine. Olga explains which situations tips are expected in culturally, as well as how much would be customary by Ukrainian standards.

There are many do’s and don’ts with respect to the treatment of service workers abroad, especially when you’re accompanied by a beautiful Ukrainian woman.

Men must understand that the women they’re dating in Kyiv are paying attention to how they react to every situation while they’re with each other. Leaving a poor tip or no tip at all may leave a negative impression on Ukrainian women that you are never able to remedy while in Kyiv.