How to attract an Asian guy // 동양남자 꼬시는 방법

in this videos, you’ll get tips and knowledges of how to attract an Asian guy.
Let’s find out what are thing Asian guys like if u want to date Asian guys!
동양남자에게 매력적으로 다가가는 방법은? 동양남자가 좋아하는것!


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How to attract an Asian guy

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1. Say you are a gamer

It’s really obvious
Tell them you like lol ,overwatch or any games which are famous at that moment.

Tell them some unique specific word in that game such as unique Weapons

He will be surprised

Whatever his hobbies are, you say u have interest in it and willing to do it with them when u got time lol…

2. Know their language

Let say, if they are from Korea, if you call them “Oppa” then calling just their names, they will be surprised. Tell them u respect and love their culture

3. Praise him

Everymen are kids and same.
Especially Asian guys have grown with lot’s of praises and encouragements from their parents.
Again, everyone are same childish, they want to be heard they are the best can’t be compared to anyone lol

4. Say u love sports and Marshal arts

The best answer is u loved playing soccer at school when u were young, If not still at least mention any kinda sports u like or he may like. And ladies who say they love marshal arts look even sexier.

5. Say you love Electric devices.

Simple, tell them sometimes u love to shop computer or electric devices.
If you have some basic knowledges of CPU,Memory, Mainboards hardware computer stuff and bit of knowledges of iPhone and Galaxy. They think u r smart

6. Observe them.

Don’t judge or make stereo type in advance. Ask few questions, observe them find out what they are interested in now, If there’s anything u love or into right now among the things he mentioned tell them u have a big interest.

7. Lead the conversation

This one depends on what types of person he is.
Sometimes even for guys, it’s hard to lead the conversation.
If that’s the shy type of a guys. U may lead the conversation.
Then guy would think ‘oh this girl really try to work something for me;

Someone who talk a lot is not the leader
Someone who ask is the talk leader
Just like when you have a interview.
So if you help his conversation u will be looked much attractive.


Most things mentioned above was about buying empathy.
U need to be a good catcher!