How to Handle Women’s Tests | Dating Tips for Men 2020 in 2022

updated: 05-2022

How to Handle Women’s Tests | Dating Tips for Men 2020
Mindset steps to naturally be able to handle all her tests without thinking: WAKUP2LUV — GET & KEEP A GIRLFRIEND!
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The good news: women testing men is here to stay!

Why is that good news??

Because if she’s testing you there’s still a chance for you.

Women don’t bother testing men they have no interest in.

The other good news: when you know the formula to handling tests, they become easy (ok, easier) and sometimes even fun. For real.

Remember that learning anything worthwhile requires time, consistency and effort. That’s life.

If you don’t think there’s value in the end goal — getting an amazing girlfriend who’s your best friend — then there’s no need to put in any effort. Be single.

Tips on How to Handle Women’s Tests Like a Real Man 😉
1. Brush it off
2. Stay ___
3. Tease her
4. You’re the ___
5. She’s your #1
6. Boundaries & “THIS!’
7. Stand firm but do “this”
8. Speak up
9. Treat her like a “BLS”
10. Make it easy
11. Mindset: walk away but…
12. NOT if you can’t ___!
13. Anger is ok, ___ is NOT!
14. Honour values & ___
15. Remember WHY women test!

Critical details in video, watch it!

Whether you’re building a business, a better body, a bicycle or great relationships with women, learning to understand women will give you an edge and make life a heckofa lot easier!

xo AJ

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Love is the answer, people! Don’t give up. DO. NOT. GIVE. UP. HOPE!!!

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