How to Keep a Woman Interested | Dating Tips

updated: 05-2021

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Guys, let’s talk about how to keep a woman interested. Now, you’ve obviously gone out with her a couple times. You’re talking on the phone, you’re texting. You know, how do you kind of keep it going? How do you keep the magic bubbling?

So it’s really all about continuing to keep the connection. You want to keep the spark alive. And it’s really all about continuing to make the effort. You know, women are pretty simple creatures. We’ve talked about this, you know. We need some key things to keep us interested and into you.

One is really continuing to put an effort out there. You know, continue to call, keep the messaging up. Like, we’re going to expect you to do this. Sorry, guys, but you’ve got to keep up the work. So keep up the line of communication.

At the same time, you need to make the plans. You know. So if you want us to keep seeing you, and you want us to be into you, you need to make the arrangements, you need to make the initiative to go out and, you know, show us a good time and court us.

And the other thing is, you know, we have to be sexually compatible. So if that works, you know, all those things together work towards keeping us interested, so it’s pretty simple actually.

Good sex and conversation, that’s all we need, and laughter and fun, a little bit of spice, that’s about it.