i asked a guy on tinder to be my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day [情人節特輯] 實測交友軟體 170女生跟186男生的一日約會 💞

updated: 04-2021

#adatewithanexpirydate #一日約會 交友軟體 #tinder #交友app #實測交友軟體

happy valentines everyone
for this video i asked a guy from tinder to be my boyfriend for a day !!
this was wayy outta my comfort zone but hope you guys enjoy this videooo

just wanna say thank you so much to blacky for saying such encouraging words to me & agreeing to film this video with me hehe i’m so glad to have met you & became friends with u thank you for giving me my first memorable tinder date ✨

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『 editing software 』
➳ final cut pro

『 filming equipment 』
➳ canon m50

『 friends 』

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however I wish it was
I am poor pls give me that coin