Internet, Science, Dating Advice, Psychology, And Why They Are IGNORANT!

There are many flaws with group collective thought processes, many people not thinking for themselves, and with the grand scheme of the internet and marketing, it becomes so much easier to create a society based on delusion. The purpose of this video is to speak my mind out on something that’s been annoying me, and to open other people’s minds. If you’re going to try to “prove” any of this wrong, please save yourself the humiliation, this video discusses the absolute truth. One thing I have forgotten to discuss in this video is the lacking difference between the male and female brain. The only difference between men and women is sociological, everything you think differs beyond that of their physiology is pure fiction and stereotypes. Be like Einstein and invent the laws of physics for yourself, don’t just accept the laws defined by others if you cannot reconstruct them in your mind for yourself. If you are unable to think as to why something is true from the core principles, then you cannot assume it is true, only a possibility.