Interview with a single American man about Pinay, LDR, Online Dating and Online Marriage in 2022

updated: 05-2022

Interview with my friend CJ about his opinion on Pinay, online dating, online marriage, and long distance relationships (LDR’s). Cj is my longtime friend and roommate. He is a graduate student working on his masters degree. He has witnessed my from the beginning when I decided to search on international cupid. He watched as i searched for the perfect Pinay, how I found my Wenna and how I fell in love. Watch this video to get his opinion on my experience and his opinion on the FIlipino people, culture and relationships. 🤩🤩Bonus questions about his visit to the Philippines next year!🤩🤩

➡︎Find CJ on: instagram @sirsqueep or on squeeperpeeper

A special thanks to Richard and Donna Armstrong (the Armstrong Family). I appreciate the inspiration always.