Introverted Men: Get Better At Approaching Women And Talking To Them With These Dating Tips

Introverted dating tips, how introverts can get better at approaching and talking to women.

You introverted guys out there do not hear this enough so I’m going to put it right behind me. A high value lady will always appreciate an introverted man and find them much more attractive than the average extrovert.
Now a big reason for this is that it’s highly likely she has dated the typical extrovert. Which, to some of us we have experienced – the complete jerk, we have been abused for our good nature and left us for somebody else. So you need to realise that us ladies really do appreciate the introverted types as we just assume that you guys are more faithful, you are not out to get just one thing. So you have this huge advantage that you haven’t realised. Women prefer humble guys that would choose reading a book all night instead of going out to a night club.

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**Contents of video**

0:00 Intro
1:00 Ask open ended questions
2:20 Have meaningful conversations
3:17 Find something in common ASAP
4:08 Give her a compliment
4:48 Choose a safe environment
5:53 Give her your true opinion
7:09 Tell me more about that

In today’s video I’m going to be discussing some dating tips for introverts that will help you improve at approaching and talking to women. Be sure to watch the video in full and let us know what you thought in the comments section. I try my best to respond to as many comments as I can. What would you like to see next? Flirting tips for introverts perhaps? Be sure to let me know!

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