Iran Ayatollah Khamenei to Putin: ditching of Dollar دیدار آیت‌الله خامنه‌ای با ولادیمیر پوتین روسیه

ایران دیدار آیت‌الله خامنه‌ای با رئیس جمهور روسیه ولادیمیر پوتین: حذف دلار ازمعاملات اقتصاد

می‌توانیم آمریکا را منزوی و تحریم‌هایش را بی‌اثر کنیم / می‌توانیم با حذف دلار در معاملات، تحریم‌ها را بی‌اثر و آمریکا را منزوی کنیم

Iran Ayatollah Khamenei receives Russia’s Putin: need for ditching of Dollar from economic transactions

Ayatollah Khamenei said Iran and Russia could neutralize US sanctions by ditching dollar in bilateral and multilateral trade and using their national currencies instead. The Leader said Iran and Russia should further develop cooperation particularly in economy, saying the economic capacities of the two countries are well beyond the current level.
‘Iran a strategic partner’
The Russian president, for his part, described Iran as “a strategic partner” and a “great neighbor,” stressing that he would welcome any potential to fully bolster and expand bilateral relations.
Putin said Iran and Russia could boost their ties in the sectors of energy, modern technology, agriculture as well as joint oil and gas projects.
Broaching the war in Syria, Putin hailed the achievements of the Iran-Russia cooperation in the war against terrorism, calling for “a suitable political process to be considered in the Arab country.”
Lauding the Leader’s stance on achieving shared objectives in Syria as wise and very effective, the Russian president said, “We proved to the world that we are able to resolve our region’s highly important issues without [any help from] extra-regional countries.”