Latina Mia (Size 11) and Latina Lexa (Size 8.5) | Foot Fetish Traveler | Tinder Date Foot Massage

updated: 04-2021

This is Mia (Size 11) and Alexa (Size 8.5).

I met Alexa off tinder and SUPER straightforward with my foot fetish. She said she was always interested in the concept because in her household paying attention to the well being of loved ones feet is seen as a sign of mutual respect.

She was hesitant at first to meet and asked if her best friend can join (Mia). I gave her a phone call and she said they would come over to give it a try. They both ended up enjoying it so much that we ended hanging for 6 hours! Let me know if you want more of Alexa and Mia!

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