LEXA’S EVIL TWIN SISTERS?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

updated: 06-2021

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Ex-journalist Chigusa is on the run from the R.E.M. Corporation agents. Chigusa contacts Yuki, the expert hacker for a way to escape the agents. The two are in the Cyber Infantry group known as the R.E.M. Wakers, a rebel group sworn to liberate the virtual world from the clutches of the evil R.E.M. Corporations. Both Chigusa and Yuki realize they cannot do it alone, and therefore Chigusa escapes off into the real world in hope of recruiting others. Along her journey, she manages to find Agent Jones, Cluck, and Lexa.

Thanks to SibboX for providing us access to the leaked skins, check them out here:

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