Male Dating & Sex Struggles: A Problem In Plain Sight

updated: 06-2021

[CONTENT WARNING: Use of bigoted language; discussion of addiction, alcohol & substance abuse, self-harm, suicide, sexual assault & rape involving minors]

Pick-up Artists, The Seduction Community, Alpha Males, The Red Pill, Incels, MGTOW, Men’s Issues… all that and more! This video will act as a spiritual sequel to my video discussing Male Celebrity Body Transformations and will focus on the pressing questions: What are the difficulties that men face with it comes to dating and sex, what leads to them being plagued by debilitating insecurities, why are the current avenues that address these difficulties riddled with toxicity, and how can we address this problem so we can make a better world for everyone?

A big thanks to the audio expertise of Joe Crow: (When I recorded the audio and listened back, it was very scratchy, probably due to how I had my mic positioned. Joe helped clean it up and level it and even gave me a very quick turnaround as I wanted to have it ready for editing for the upcoming weekend. I cannot praise his professionalism enough 👍)

I reached out to one of the dating coaches featured at 14:42 in the video, Denton from Karisma King ( as I feel he is one of the more healthy coaches who is helping guys stray away from the more toxic rhetoric. We got in touch but never ended up chatting, however, I would highly recommend his video in regard to red pill rhetoric in the seduction community and how it can be poisonous. There are things we probably don’t see eye to eye on, but I think if my video wasn’t your taste, his may give you some insight:

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[00:00:00] – Intro
[00:06:03] – Chapter I: In (Sort Of, Kind Of) Defense of “Pickup”
[00:15:58] – Chapter II: The World of Dating Is…
[00:33:22] – Chapter III: A Healthy Dose
[00:40:42] – Chapter IV: The Bitter After Taste
[00:47:34] – Chapter V: An Unpleasant Alternative
[00:53:46] – Chapter VI: Papa Mac’s Guide to (Ethical) Slaying
[01:10:38] – Chapter VII: Half The Pieces
[01:18:21] – Chapter VIII: A Doomed Quest
[01:29:02] – Chapter IX: A Blank Map
[01:40:54] – Chapter X: In Plain Sight
[01:50:39] – Outro/Patrons

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