Mistakes to avoid in your online dating profile in 2021

updated: 05-2021

Mistakes to avoid in your online dating profile
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00:00 Intro
00:37 Number 1: Too sexy
01:07 Number 2: Can’t tell what you look like
01:59 Number 3: Too boring
02:14 Number 4: Too wordy
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03:16 Outro

1.Too sexy – that’s something to save for a little later. Sexy profile pictures are interpreted as someone who’s looking for sex.

Aim for flattering, good-looking, your best angles… but not sexy.

2. You don’t represent what you actually look like. You WANT him to know what you look like – you definitely do NOT want him to be unpleasantly surprised when he meets you.

Make sure anyone can clearly see what you look like. One clear head shot and one clear body shot.

Avoid sunglasses, hats, anything that hides what you really look like.

3. Boring
I know this is hard – but try not to be boring.

4. Keep it to a short bio. You’re not trying to write your life story here, he’s not going to fall in love with you from your profile.


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