Multicast 03: The Code Improvement Commission

This multicast is a record of the first meeting of the Code Improvement Commission, a group of free law advocates from around the world working to make edicts of government more broadly available.

The core project discussed was the effort to make the regulations of all 50 states more broadly available in a common format. This effort is based on a purchase from Fastcase of quarterly dumps of all regulations, which are then made open source and public domain. Those codes are then made available on two sites currently, Cornell Legal Information Institute and Justia. In addition, the effort by Unicourt to transform all legislative codes, such as the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, into HTML is discussed, as well as efforts by Indian Kanoon to make the Official Gazettes of India available. Here are some pointers to some of the projects discussed:

Cornell Legal Information Institute regulations of all 50 states:
Justia regulations of all 50 states:
Unicourt code transformation github repo:
Gazettes of India:
Indian Kanoon github repo:
Public Resource announcement of the project:
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