Online Dating Scams | Military Romance? | Know these signs!

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Welcome back everyone! Jessa made a very informative video but I also wanted touch touch base with everyone about my experience and from the Military side. In this video I will be giving you signs to watch out for when you’re browsing different online dating sites. These signs are going to be essential so you don’t get roped into a scam. There are tons of online dating scams, romance scams, military scams and you don’t want to become a victim of one! Know who you’re talking to, know the signs and all of the red flags so you can avoid being scammed!

Always remember when your browsing online dating sites to be safe, research who you’re talking to, have the due diligence to check them out. There’s nothing wrong with asking for social media, Instagram, Facebook or pictures or they have the ability to video chat. If these individuals are reluctant to give you any of these, or they tell you that they love you right away or show any signs of affection immediately then you know there could be something wrong. Another big sign that you need to watch out for is going to be if they’re asking for money, under no circumstances should you ever send money to a stranger.

All in all, be safe, know who you’re talking to!

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