Online Dating Sucks! … Because you’re doing it wrong! in 2021

updated: 05-2021

Online dating… ugh! 🤢🤮.

Or… is it the chance to meet the love of your life? 🤔

Online dating sucks… because you’re doing it wrong!!! 😱 #sorrynotsorry

Don’t worry, I’m gonna help you fix this.

Because just as we’ve ALL had some skeezy, disappointing, maybe even heartbreaking experiences, we also ALL know people who met the Love of Their Life online…

I guess that’s why we keep going back…

BUT… something is not working! I mean, right?!.


Subconsciously & without realizing it, we make certain assumptions about what online dating will do.

Honestly consider if any of the following resonates:

You matched with him, saw ALL his data, lives in right area, he’s right age, right job, right interests, right # of kids…. so we subconsciously assume that he’s a good guy & has some possibility of being the Love of Your Life.

Oops 😬!

This is why you hate online dating… you’re thinking of it like it’s a high-end professional matchmaking service. STOP 🛑. 🛑.

Online dating is also NOT like we used to date, back in the day, when the person was somehow connected to our inner circle – he was vetted at some level.

You.don’t.know.anything.about.him. !!!!!!! 🛑 🛑 .

Online dating is also NOT ‘Fate’ 🧚‍♀️, ‘accidentally & immediately’ connecting you with Prince Charming. 🤴🏽

So what the hell is online dating good for, then? How is it that some people meet the Love of Their Life?!

What online dating IS:

Online dating is simply a way to widen your pool of potential dating partners.

That’s It!

Since we are all creatures of habit, our circle of movement & people is fairly small, especially in midlife when we are so busy with all the things.

Online dating is a chance to meet way more men. And that is ALL.

You’re still meeting an un-vetted, complete stranger on a blind date. You have ZERO idea of what he’s all about.

So, Swipe-Couple Messages-Coffee-Decide if you’re interested in an actual date with him. Then, ‘next’!

That’s It!!

Ultimately, just like if you meet a completely unknown guy at the airport, it’s up to YOU to figure out if he’s a good guy, and eventually, your ‘One’.


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