Painshill Park – Walking in a Landscape Painting – Painshill Park Trust in 2021

updated: 05-2021

Painshill Park is just like walking in a landscape painting. Something Painshill Park creator Charles Hamilton wanted for his visitors back in the 1700s. It’s 40 years this year since the Painshill Park Trust started its tireless task of restoring that work of art for 21st-century visitors. 158 acres of the most beautiful landscape gardens and carefully positioned follies await you. Join us as we take a full tour of this outstanding location in the Surrey countryside.
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0:00 Intro
1:15 The Vineyard
2:15 Ruined Abbey
3:35 Chinese Bridge & Grotto Island View
4:25 Gosling
5:05 Woollett Bridge
5:30 Mausoleum
7:16 5 Arch Bridge
8:28 Entry Costs
8:49 The Cascades
9:18 Waterwheel
11:00 Alpine Valley
11:28 Hermitage
12:14 Gothic Tower
14:03 Temple of Bacchus
16:00 Turkish Tent
17:21 Vinyard North Down View
17:52 Gothic Temple
18:31 Ruined Abbey Close up
19:07 Crossing the Chinese Bridge
19:50 Crystal Grotto
21:11 Summary

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