Podcast – Interracial Dating Online; History of Interracial Marriage; Sexual Racism Dating Apps Ep 2

In this episode of Not Another White Man’s Podcast, co-hosts Brandee Blocker Anderson, Kendra Dawsey, Seanna Pieper-Jordan, and Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick discuss the intersections of race, class, ethnicity, and religion and how these identities impact our dating and marriage decisions. This podcast covers interracial dating, online dating sites, OkCupid, the history of interracial marriage; sexual racism; race, and dating apps.

This podcast discusses the pros and cons of interracial dating and interracial marriage and provides historical context on the history of interracial marriage and anti-miscegenation laws, highlighting the landmark United State Supreme Court Decision, Loving vs. Virginia, which outlawed anti-miscegenation laws aka interracial marriage laws.

We also discuss the issue of sexual racism or sexual preferences based on racist stereotypes, as well as racial filters on online datings, and the decision of some online dating sites, such as Tinder, to remove racial filters.

Check out the timestamps for all the topics covered:

00:00 – Podcast Intro
00:20 – Host Introductions
01:16 – History of Interracial Marriage & Anti-Miscegenation Laws
02:31 – Interracial Marriage Today
03:56 – Race & Online Dating Apps
04:32 – Racial Filters on Dating Apps
05:21 – On Deciding Not to Date White People
08:50 – No More Race Filters on Dating Apps?
09:35 – Race and Dating Site Profiles
11:04 – Are Race Filters Racist?
13:13 – Sexual Racism
13:06 – Is it the algorithm that’s racist?
17:19 – Is the “old fashioned way” better?
20:09 – Queer Spaces vs. Straight Spaces and Online Dating
22:16 – Self-Confidence and Rejecting Racial Bias
24:03 – What does it mean to be “exotic?”
26:08 – Interracial Dating & Kids
27:01 – Colorism and Online Dating
31:30 – Our Personal Experiences with Interracial Relationships
31:43 – Seanna’s Experience
33:18 – Yale Halloween Costume Email Incident
36:21 – Kendra’s Experience with Interracial Dating
37:40 – Kendra’s Spreadsheet – Funniest Moment
39:59 – Haleh’s Experience with Interracial Marriage
42:23 – Raising Biracial Children
45:17 – Gender and Interracial Relationships
46:55 – Double Standard and Dating Preferences
47:09 – White Men with Black Women, Black Women Dating White Men
47:55 – Class and Interracial Relationships; Black Women and Hypergamy
49:22 – “The Swirl” Culture on Instagram
49:52 – Hybrid Race – National Geographic
51:08 – Is your reasoning racist?
53:03 – White Supremacy, White Privilege, and Interracial Dating
53:34 – Racial Anxiety and Dating White People
54:40 – Do you feel safe and comfortable dating White people?
55:44 – Am I being a stereotype by dating a White person?
56:44 – White Fragility and Interracial Dating
57:07 – BIPOC Can Be Racist / Anti-Black Too
57:29 – Last Thoughts
57:51 – Let us know what you think!

Dating Sites & Apps Discussed

06:13 – Lex Queer Dating App
11:13 – JWed – Jewish Marriage Match Site
18:32 – Black People Meet

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